Acid Black Window Music Video

Filming & Editing
Post Production & VFX
Practical Effects

We collaborated with local dream-pop band Kill Scenes on a music video for their single Acid Black Window. The visuals represent three unique layers of reality that catapult us from a shadowy home to a dreamy beach and finally, to an abstract visceral space. These concentric realities center around what our female protagonist sees in an ornate mirror. Utilizing prismatic FX lens filters, 3D rendered mirrors, and an old-fashioned 80s-style cloud tank made with salinated water—it’s a wild ride.

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Digital & Practical Effects

Drawing inspiration from many of our favorite vintage surreal films—both digital and practical mediums were used for the effects. Green screens were set up to composite “Mirror World” reflections with our protagonist and to overlay floating shaking heads.

In post-production, the ornate mirror was rendered as a 3D object and added to the surreal beach world. Several of these mirrors were composited and integrated into the video to look like monolithic surreal objects.

We also decided to go back to the classic 80s practical effect method of using a “cloud tank.” The tank contained salinated water that rests at the bottom with fresh water on top. Injecting colored dyes at the dividing line between the two liquids produces ominous and beautiful cloud-like formations.

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